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Massoud helped me to focus on what was important in recovering a sense of joy and self esteem in a time of transition. He fostered a safe and supportive environment and accepted what I said without judging me. I felt very comfortable in sharing my thoughts and feelings, and appreciated his support and encouragement. My experience with Massoud’s counsel resulted in my making positive change towards recovering a sense of wellness.
I just want to say … thank you for being here to help people like myself stay grounded in such tough times.  It takes a lot of heart to listen to total strangers and their problems. I’ve personally found Mr. Moslehi very helpful in giving me ways to manage and balance my persistent pain levels, identifying key elements which are causing pain and giving me more tools to work with to help improve my quality of life. Mr. Moslehi is very compassionate and caring. He is very determined in trying to find relief for me and my family and I thank him for that 🙂
I have been coming to see Mr. Moslehi for a little while now and the progress we have made far surpasses the impact all the other counsellors I’ve seen in the past put together. His genuine interest and desire to help really shows. I find him very easy to be open and honest with which makes each session a step in healing. I would highly recommend Mr. Moslehi and am very grateful for my experience with him.
I have been seeing Massoud for a few sessions now.  His depth of understanding, the manner in which he brings together his extensive knowledge of different disciplines in order to help me address the barriers I face, the attention he pays, the dedication he shows in each and every interaction, the health he exudes, all of this provides me great confidence in placing my trust in Massoud to assist and guide my healing and growth. Massoud’s professionalism, the application of his extensive training and experience, his ability to really listen and to draw out a client from a place of turmoil, and help them land in a place of understanding, is remarkable.  He truly is a tremendous resource for our community.


On Thursday evenings, I will also be offering appointments at 645 Fort Street, Suite 305 (Yarrow Bldg. downtown).